‘Works by Warhol’ at The Hudgens Center for the Arts


 'Works by Warhol' at The Hudgens Center for the Arts

There’s no need to be an art expert to recognize the name Andy Warhol, and if you ask the average person about his works they’ll probably envision rows and rows of Campbell’s soup cans.

“He used images from pop culture, so they’re images that we see everyday and can easily relate to,” Angela Nichols, Hudgens Director of Exhibitions and Programs said.

The iconic artist’s easily recognizable pop art is on display at The Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth. On loan from collectors Wes and Missy Cochran of LaGrange, the ‘Works by Warhol’ at The Hudgens Center for the Arts features works from various periods in Warhol’s career.

While the major traveling exhibition doesn’t include Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans,” visitors can see 36 silkscreen prints dating from 1974 through his last series “The Cowboys and Indians Series.”

“The Cowboys and Indians Series” features 10 works, including a large print of John Wayne, or “The Duke” to his fans, and was created in 1986 just before Warhol’s death the following year. The exhibition also includes prints of easily identifiable figures such as Superman, Mickey Mouse and John F. Kennedy as well as two versions of “Moonwalk” depicting astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.

“They’re hand-printed silkscreens with saturated colors, and they’re really gorgeous and have such a presence,” Nichols said.

Visitors will also get a close look at two artist books: Warhol’s “Index Book” and “Fab,” as well as a metal casting of Warhol’s teeth, which Nichols said were sent out with Warhol’s holiday cards one year.

According to Nichols, the Hudgens’ staff has been working to bring Warhol to Gwinnett for about a year and while the center is always striving to provide high-quality art exhibitions, it’s very exciting to have works from such an influential artist on display.

“It’s nice because people who are not already engaged with art will recognize his name,” Nichols said. “I’m hoping it will draw people in and get the word out about all that we do (at the Hudgens) and help engage our community.”

“Works by Warhol” will be on view through Dec. 19.


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