Week of September 13 – Emile De Antonio


Andy Warhol Emile De Antonio Quote

“You’re a commercial artist, which really bugs them because when they do commercial art – windows and other jobs I find them – they do it just ‘to survive.’ They won’t even use their real names. Whereas you’ve won prizes! You’re famous for it!” Emile De Antonio Quote (POPism)

For a long time, Andy wondered why artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg didn’t like him. Every time they saw him, they’d cut him off. Andy popped the question to his friend Emile De Antonio, who explained that other artists create commercial works merely as a means of survival.

Andy Warhol Emile De Antonio
Photo: Andy Warhol with Jasper Johns at the opening of The Art Museum of South Texas (1972)

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I Love Warhol