Week of April 5 – Miles Davis



In February 1987, Andy Warhol and Miles Davis modeled together for a fashion show at Tunnel just two days before Warhol’s sudden death.

Here’s Andy’s humorous recollection of the event in New York City.

“They did a $5,000 custom outfit for Miles with Gold musical notes on it and everything, and they didn’t do a thing for me, they were so mean. They could’ve made me a gold Palette or something. So I looked like the poor stepchild, and in the end they even (laughs) told me I walked too slow.

And the clothes in the show really stank. Alligator, fur, and lace. And I really worked my a** off. The Japanese crew was more interested in me than in Miles. They were doing the show again at 10:00 but I didn’t have to do the second one, I was only in the one that was for the press.”

miles davis

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I Love Warhol

I Love Warhol