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Ondine Ondine

“There’s no one as fabulous as he is. He’s just a marvelous, marvelous person or a marvelous, marvelous nonperson, whatever you want to call him. There’s something about him that’s magic, and it may be the fact that there’s nothing there.” – Ondine on Warhol

Ondine, whose real name was Robert Olivio, was a gay underground actor who became one of Andy’s most important friends and influencers in the sixties. He first met Warhol at an orgy held around 1961 or ’62, and was dismayed by Warhol’s failure to join in. He proceeded to kick Warhol out, not knowing who he was or understanding that the future titan of Pop Art essentially was a voyeur.

As a major player in the Factory entourage, he kept everybody constantly in stitches. He appeared in many of Warhol’s films including Three, Couch, Vinyl, Restaurant, Afternooon, The Pope Ondine Story (two reels of which began and ended The Chelsea Girls, The Loves of Ondine, Since, Imitation of Christ, and **** (Four Stars).

Warhol Ondine

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I Love Warhol

I Love Warhol