From Warhola to Warhol: A talk by Andy Warhol’s nephew


Warhol's Nephew gives talk

Noted author and illustrator James Warhola, who was largely influenced by his famous uncle Andy Warhol, will give a lecture titled “From Warhola to Warhol” at SUNY-New Paltz’s Coykendall Science Building auditorium on Thursday, April 14 at 5 p.m.

From the time of his early years spent watching his uncle illustrate shoes, James Warhola wanted to be an illustrator. He graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University and moved to New York City. Warhola’s interest in science fiction, fantasy and comics led him to illustrate 300 books including William Gibson’s cyperpunk classic Neuromancer. He also worked for Mad Magazine and was one of main artists responsible for the Garbage Pail Kid card series. He is also well known for his award-winning children’s books, including his autobiographical story, Uncle Andy’s.

The April 14 talk at SUNY-New Paltz is free and open to the public. Call (845) 257-3875 for further details.


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