Warhol Candy Tins: the New, New in Japan


Warhol Candy Tins

Andy Warhol collectors, you’re in for an expensive treat!

UHA Mikakuto, a candy company in Japan, released 30 “nodo-ame” (throat drop) candy tins based on popular art works of Andy Warhol. These tins are inside a flower-patterned lacquered medicine box, which are stored inside a beautiful silver-leaf coated box.

Well, how much does it cost?

540,000 yen (US $4,513)!

We’re not joking… These tins are a collectors item and won’t be produced through mass market. Only 30 candy tins have been made and are available until April 30.

We love the designs, but where is Andy’s famous Campbell’s Soup can?!

Warhol Candy Tin

Warhol Candy Tin

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I Love Warhol

I Love Warhol