‘Rain Machine’ brought to back to life



In a beautiful and inventive collaboration with L.A artist Refik Anadol, LACMA brings Andy Warhol’s famous ‘Rain Machine’ into the 21st century. The original work was last showed at LACMA in 1971 after its premier at the world Expo in Japan the year before.

Maurice Tuchman, who is the founding curator of modern at LACMA and works in their Art + Technology program, decided it was time to bring the work back to L.A after its nearly forty-year dry spell. As a digital artist, Anadol reinvents the concept of the rain by installing 3D panels around the 3,000 square foot installation space in which the viewer must walk down a long, roaring hallway of rain to view the machine. The light against the pitch black of the room creates the “nonspace” Tuchman thinks Warhol would have wanted to see where the lines between reality and fiction are blurry.

The multi-channel sound system of rain, wind, and music creates a completely immersive experience and according to Tuchman, “Andy woulda looked at this and just said: ‘Wow.’”

The exhibition is located at Young Projects Gallery, Pacific Design Center, 8687 Melrose Ave. #B230, West Hollywood


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I Love Warhol