April 24 – People Kissing


warhol quote about kissing

Two people kissing always look like fish. – Andy Warhol

In 1963, Andy Warhol directed “Kiss”, a film which is synopsized as “close ups of couples kissing for three minutes each.”

While Warhol’s canvases and prints are loaded with pop culture references and easily digestible imagery, his independent films reveal a much deeper, philosophical side of the famed “King of Pop art”.

His film explores complex themes like sensuality, attachment and affection, but does so with the avant garde usage of fragmented shots that do not attempt to contribute to a cohesive narrative.

If you’d like to see Warhol in a more profound, philosophical light, you can watch “Kiss” in its entirety on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TfLHtpAUtA

Warhol Films People Kissing

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I Love Warhol