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Mary Wonorov

“I realize that Andy never meant to do a film. He was doing a painting. Pop art put the image back in painting, and Andy took it even further and put the image on film instead of canvas. He wasn’t directing, he was painting. It’s only taken me 40 years to realize that these films were never meant to screen in a theater, where I thought they were boring. They were meant to hang on a wall. They are Andy’s greatest paintings.”

Mary Woronov, a superstar in many of Warhol’s films, was interviewed by Interview Magazine on Andy. In Warhol’s early films, she became a star as Hanoi Hannah in Chelsea Girls (1966). She danced with Gerard Malanga in the Velvet Underground’s dark circus at the Dom as the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, then moved to Los Angeles and filmed work with Paul Bartel and Roger Corman. She became a noted painter, and a writer of novels and a crypto-memoir, Swimming Underground; her other books include Wake for the Angels, Niagara, Snake, and Blind Love.

Woronov remembers, “My fierce demeanor and gender flipping fascinated Warhol. I was very strong, young, gorgeous, and acted like Nero. I was also so full of amphetamines.”


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