How Jon Koon Went From Selling Auto Parts to Owning Andy Warhol Studio



Self-made millionaire Jon Koon — 32 years of age — runs a Private Stock, which is a high-fashion concept store in Andy Warhol studio.

In case you didn’t know, Jon Koon made his first million at the ripe age of 16. He began by selling Asian auto parts to the likes of Tim Westwood and for Xzibit’s then-heralded Pimp My Ride television show. From there, the entrepreneur went on to making merchandise for The Diplomats, Jay Z and Jeezy.

Back then, Koon was the sole manufacturer for all of Rocawear’s headwear as well as all caps for Honda and Costco. Years later in 2008, Jon purchased Hov’s 8732 brand, which was relaunched alongside Jeezy. And while Koon’s holding company still owns the imprint, Jon transitioned from streetwear to luxury fashion shortly thereafter, partnering with an Italian designer to launch Domenico Vacca Denim.


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