Happy birthday, Andy Warhol!


Andy Warhol Birthday

Happy birthday, Andy Warhol! Today marks what would have been his 87th birthday. Andy wasn’t one to celebrate his birthday with lavish parties. He was accepting of gifts and preferred to have a small meeting with friends over dinner. Andy referred to his birthday as “the unmentionable day.”

The Andy Warhol Diaries:

“??????????????????????It was my birthday but I didn’t think of it until Vincent called and reminded me.” (1978)

“My birthday. When I got to the office I cut the cake right away, so that I wouldn’t have to do it in front of everybody. It tasted awful. Brigid ordered it from the woman in New Jersey. I told her to be sure it was a wedding cake. It had three tiers. I usually ignore my birthday and order everyone not to mention it, but this year I was in a party mood and didn’t want to fight it. I actually arranged the party myself and invited people over.” (1979)

“John Reinhold sent me 500 carats of diamond dust for a present. It’s like half a can of tomato soup-size.” (1981)

“The unmentionable day. I’d told everyone I didn’t want to hear the word “birthday.” (1984)

“And since it was my birthday I decided to do all sugar, just an all-sugar day, not deny myself anything.” (1985)

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