Week of March 1 – Studio 54



“Studio 54 is a way of life. People live there. They dance there. They drink there. They make friends there. They make love there. They break up there. They become stars there. They do business there. They sleep there…We’ve never had an earthquake in New York, but if we did, it would be at Studio 54.” – Andy Warhol

Studio 54 was a popular New York nightclub from 1977 until 1981. Located at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan, the legendary club is where Warhol celebrated many days, or should we say nights, at the infamous Studio 54.

Although he was a man of few words, Warhol loved parties and social gatherings.

As Andy famously said, “The key of the success of Studio 54 is that it’s a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor.”

Warhol Studio 54

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I Love Warhol

I Love Warhol