DMSAC’s Pop Party Celebrates Warhol’s Works with Retro Festivities


pop party

This Thursday, April 9, the Davis Museum Student Advisory Committee hosted a retro-themed “Pop Party” to celebrate the iconic works of pop artist Andy Warhol. The Davis Museum Student Advisory Committee (DMSAC) publicized the event mostly through Facebook, showcasing Warhol’s Polaroid portraits that are currently posted along the wall of the exhibit. The event started at 6 p.m., and students quickly trickled into the museum. The festive lobby was decorated with silver balloons, metallic tablecloths and a photobooth. A DJ booth played disco music to set the mood. Colored retro sunglasses were placed all along the front table for attendees to wear around. Costumed students conversed with each other, holding virgin cocktails and munching on American comfort food hors d’oeuvres. Students got creative with their attire, some even wearing high-heeled boots and poofy skirts. The spirit of the party and groovy music contributed to the overall atmosphere.

DMSAC held this event for the recently opened Warhol @ Wellesley exhibit at the museum, curated by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, assistant director of curatorial affairs. At 7 p.m. following the reception, Mellon Curator Mike Maizels gave a lecture in the exhibit room. A crowd of interested students listened as he explored topics ranging from Warhol’s inspirations to his career and how he still influences the works of present-day celebrities such as Jay-Z. After the talk, students were free to walk about the room, during which they examined the wall of Polaroids, took pictures next to the Brillo box and analyzed the vibrant portraits that revolutionized the art world in the mid-1900s. The exhibit featured a mix of Warhol works that have been in our museum’s permanent collection but have not been displayed for a long time. Students were then able to roam the gallery, explore the museum, go back to the reception or mingle with friends and professors. The last and final planned event for the night was a performance by the Wellesley Blue Notes, concluding the night with jovial music for an audience of enthusiastic listeners.

This biennial Davis After Dark event was a success — the food, festive atmosphere and activities were a great way to attract students who both frequent the Davis and those who hadn’t ever stepped foot into the museum before. Utilizing the theme of the groovy ’60s in America, DMSAC not only brought hundreds to the event, but also around the entire museum itself, which holds a precious collection of masterpieces ranging from Rembrandt to Warhol. This semester held an impressive series of exhibits, and this was an ideal time to bring students to the Davis. It was a great night to celebrate the fine arts, and particularly, to recognize the impressive museum that we have at our fingertips, but don’t appreciate enough.


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I Love Warhol