June 26- Classic Movies


warhol superstar on warhol

“…If I was watching the same classic movie that he was watching.”- Jane Forth

Jane was a glamorous member of Andy Warhol’s Factory entourage and a style icon in her own right. Forth starred in many of Warhol’s films, but most notably, his films Trash (1970) and L’Amour (1973).

Forth was regarded as an “it girl” of the 1970’s due to her unique style which was equal parts sophisticated, elegant and with just enough quirkiness to fit in with the eclecticism of the factory crowd.

Her role as a 1970’s fashion icon was so profound, that she graced cover of Life Magazine (issue: July 4th, 1970) at just 17 years old.

Jane on Andy: “My most vivid memory of Andy was receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from him to see if I was watching the same classic movie that he was watching.”

superstar jane forth and warhol

Photo: Andy and Jane in Germany, 1971; Photo: Christian Kratz

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