Andy Warhol Exhibitions in London Examine Pop Artist from Different Perspectives


Warhol from different perspectives

There are two noteworthy Andy Warhol exhibits taking place in London right now.

One appears at the Halcyon Gallery, nestled in between some of the iconic brands Warhol featured in his work – Dior, Chanel, etc. – while the other takes place at the Gagosian, more comfortable in the grit and bustle of King’s Cross.

At the Halcyon Gallery, around 10 of Warhol’s portfolio’s are arranged in a way that takes the viewer from one aspect of his career to another, and sets out to surprise by confronting them with early illustrative works from the 50s that are rarely mentioned in popular discussions of his work.

Kate Brown, Art Director at the Halcyon Gallery, tells The Independent: “We are incredibly proud to be exhibiting over 100 works by Andy Warhol.

“From his early illustrative works of the 50s through to the iconic works of the late 80s, the exhibition spans elements of Warhol’s entire career.

“This exhibition is an opportunity to view an expansive collection of work by a Pop Art icon and to understand the importance and influence of his work on contemporary artists.”

Along with Campbell’s Soup I, the exhibition features an original Campbell’s Soup Box: Chicken Soup, which, while not as celebrated as the iconic tin can image, showcases Wahol’s elevation of the everyday object.

It features the rarely-seen Anatom (Rado Watches) – produced just a few months before Warhol’s death and one of the last works he ever created; one of only three canvases created by Warhol depicting the iconic Rado DiaStar ‘Anatom’ watch.

Meanwhile at the Gagosian, Avedon/Warhol is a compelling exploration of the artists’ shared focus on portraiture, and emphasises common themes such as social and political power, the evolving acceptance of cultural differences, and, of course, the glamour and despair of celebrity.

The exhibition coincides with a book on the same subject, which also features essays by Michael Bracewell and Ara H. Merjian, as well as a chronology documenting the artists’ careers and points of intersection.


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