Andy and Lee Radziwill at His Church Estate


Andy Warhol Lee Radzwill

In early 1972, Andy Warhol fell in love with a Church estate overlooking the Atlantic on the wind swept cliffs of Montauk. The estate was a collection of 5 classic, clapboard houses built in the 1920’s. The main house, with 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4 stone fireplaces and large living areas would be perfect for entertaining. The 4 smaller cottages would be guest accommodations. Although Andy was happy with his new house, his primary concern that first year was finding a tenant to help with the bills.

That first year Andy rented the main house to Lee Radziwill, Jackie Onassis’s famed sister.

Lee remembered that Summer fondly and said, “The main house had a floor of huge old flagstones and two enormous fireplaces opposite each other. It smelled of cedar and the sea.”

Lee saw Andy in a different light. Lee added, “He was almost allergic to fresh air, but once in a while felt obliged to leave the city and check in on the happenings at his place in Montauk.”

Andy was so proud of his association with the first family of America.

Photo: Montauk Village Association Benefit Cocktail Party – Lee Radziwill and Andy Warhol

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